Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Project 15: "Warm and Toasty"

Hello crafters!  I know that it has been awhile since we've posted...BUT, it is time to start our next project for the year.

The weather is going to get cooler (hard to believe it today!) and old man winter will be here before you know it.  Hats and scarves are in order!!!!  I know, I know...again?  YES!  Some of you have already begun making them, in anticipation of another project of warmth and goodness.

This time they will be going to an organization near and dear to my heart!  Cottage Housing, in Sacramento.  Their Mission:  "We create healing communities where homeless people help themselves and each other to move from the streets to self-sustainability." They have a "solution focused, participant driven and strength based" program that helps formerly homeless families put their lives back together.

 They have two communities in which to make this happen:

Quinn Cottages, which has 60 units in Midtown Sacramento that provides up to 24 months of transitional housing and support services to those committed to making a difference in their own lives. (usually 1 person per cottage), and Serna Village, which is a long-term supportive housing program that accommodates 83 families, with an extensive youth development program for nearly 200 kids who now have a place to call "home."

I LOVE Cottage Housing and volunteer regularly at Serna Village with the kids...love them!

SO...let's get to crafting!  As before, hats and scarves can be knit, crochet, sewn, NO-sew fleece, etc.  All sizes, styles and colors!! Mens, womens, and kids styles are all needed.  HAVE FUN!  There are plenty of styles and ideas floating around and I know that YOU have many of your own.

DEADLINE:  November 10th

Please email, message or post on our Facebook page when you are finished and I will make arrangements to collect them!