Friday, January 12, 2018

The Best Part

I love what I do!  Because of YOU I get to spread love and hope to those in need. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and generosity of our projects and this time is no different.  I asked (rather late, I might add) and YOU came through again.  Two ministries were blessed with your gifts. Mercy Pedalers and Father's Heart, both are street ministries that reach out to our homeless friends in the Sacramento area. Ready for the totals?

Scarves: 241
Hats: 52
Gloves: 17

Included in that bundle of love were 3 blankets and several hat/scarf and scarf/glove sets! There were  several kids hats and scarves so we shared them with The Mustard Seed School, (part of Loaves and Fishes) an elementary school for homeless kids.


My friend Sherril Hogue from The Fathers Heart

Robyne and Sister Libby

Coffee & supplies trailer

Inside view!

I am always blown away by your support for those organizations and causes that are near and dear to my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We will take a little break and have a new project in a few months.  In the meantime, please continue to follow us on Facebook, as I will keep you updated on other things.



Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Project 20: Warm Hearts

I know it's been ages (OK, almost a YEAR!) since we've done a project and I apologize for that.  I got a bit overwhelmed last year after the passing of my mother in December.  So much to do, so much stuff!  I appreciate all of your condolences, prayers, support and patience while I took a much needed sabbatical! BUT...

I'm back and so is Craft 4 Change!

Our fall/winter project is always the same...hats and scarves for our homeless. Those that know me, know that my heart aches for them and I can't even imagine living on the streets, in shelters or tents. If we make one persons day better by showing them a little warmth and love,'s all worth it.

This year we are sharing our love with two organizations that I have come to know and love.

The first is Mercy Pedlars of Sacramento, which was started this past summer by Sister Libby Fernandez.  You may remember her from Loaves and Fishes. She and other volunteers are bicyclers and tricyclers reaching out to men and women experiencing homelessness on the streets. Mercy Pedlars believe that by "welcoming the stranger" with a sense of dignity, respect and love that God's mercy will be present. They approach someones space or allow someone to enter their space, in a non-judgmental, warm and hospitable manner.  They tow a small trailer with coffee, water, snacks, socks and basic first aid supplies to our friends that need it.

The second is The Father's Heart Ministry, also of Sacramento.  It was founded and is run by my friend Sherril Hogue, whom I met at Twin Lakes Food Bank.  It is a street ministry for our homeless friends.  They don't have a church...they ARE the church!  They hit the streets every Saturday evening and bring the word of God to those in need, thru sermon, music, prayer, and testimony. They set up in various parking lots, providing food, friendship and love.

Both of these women are amazing women of God and I am honored to know them.

So, let's get started and provide as many hats and scarves as we can to these wonderful organizations doing amazing work.  I know it is a little late in getting started, but I have confidence in all of you life changers!

Knit, crochet, no-sew fleece...anything goes!  If you don't have time to make anything this time, we will also be collecting gloves and socks!

Deadline:  December 8th COMPLETED

When you are finished with your items, please send an email to or leave a message on our Facebook page and I will make arrangements to collect them.



Wednesday, December 21, 2016

So much love!

When we put out the call for hats and scarves this year, we had no idea how many we would receive.  We just have to take that leap of faith and ask. But, once again YOU came through in a

It always blows me away how much love you all have for others. Not that I should be surprised, but I just love how much you care. It makes my heart very happy!

Because of YOUR generosity, we were able to send kids in foster care that live in Oregon...
110 scarves, 20 hats and 6 cute pairs of gloves!! I know, right??

Just look at all of those cute hats and scarves!  And, those adorable! I am pretty sure that YOU made some kids very happy.

Also, you blessed our local homeless families with these beautiful hats and scarves...all 91 scarves and 26 hats will be handed out through Twin Lakes Food Bank in Folsom, CA.

Not only are they warm, but so stylish!

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and creativity. 
We will be taking a crafting break until next Spring...stay warm!


Monday, August 29, 2016

Spread the Love! Project 19

Even though it is still warm and sunny outside, winter will creep up before we know it.  Those of you who participate regularly know that it is time to get out those crochet hooks, knitting needles, sewing machines and scissors!  Our annual project guessed it:


I know that many of you love this project and have heard rumor, that some of you even work on them year round. It seems like it doesn't matter how many times we do this, the need is still there. This time we will be giving them to two organizations, one for kids and one for homeless families.

Our first group of people we are helping are KIDS, and you know I have a H U G E heart for them, especially those in terrible situations, like abuse or neglect. So, we are going north again to the state of Oregon and partner with the Child Welfare Program, by providing hats and scarves (also, gloves and mittens if you are able) to these kids for their Christmas Celebration.

The agencies (Child Welfare Program) job is to assess children's safety when allegations of abuse and neglect are brought to their attention from the community. There are times when children are not able to safely stay at home. Each year the office puts together a holiday celebration for the youth in foster care so they have an opportunity to celebrate with family. 

We were contacted by Sarah, who works for the State of Oregon and volunteers at Sparks of Hope...I couldn't say no.


The second group of people to receive our labors of love are the homeless families that utilize the Twin Lakes Food Bank, in Folsom, CA.  We have done this for Twin Lakes before, but this time they will be set aside for our homeless folks (another population I have a HUGE heart for). Since I will be taking the lead on their homeless outreach, I may get to give them out personally.

So...let's get started!

Scarves can be any type, crochet, knit, no-sew fleece, sewn, anything!  Kids, men and women are all in need, so get creative and have fun with this.

When you are finished, please send us an email, leave a message on our Facebook page or contact me directly and I will make arrangements to collect them. Thank you so much. ~~Robyne

Deadline:  November 10th.

Monday, August 22, 2016

We're Back!!!

I know Craft 4 Change has been on hiatus for a long time, but to be honest...I needed a break from a lot of things and unfortunately this was one that I needed to put on the back burner for a while. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Craft 4 Change, but felt that I wasn't giving it the attention it deserved, so decided to take some time off and regroup. I was trying to do too many projects in a year and felt I was rushing them and YOU.

I want to be more intentional with the projects and mindful of YOUR valuable time. By this, I mean that I will only be selecting projects and organizations that truly are on my heart, instead of just trying to come up with things to make and charities to help. I hope that makes sense, as I feel it will be much more meaningful and productive.  I am planning only doing 3 projects a year, beginning in 2017.

There are a few things that truly break my heart so I will be concentrating on those groups of people in the future. It's not that I didn't before, but I think that I was just trying to help everybody instead of really thinking too much first.  What this means, is that we might be repeating projects or organizations. (as we have in the past).  We might not choose a local group, as we have gone beyond our state lines and borders before and you didn't seem to mind. It will depend on the need. I hope you understand where my heart is coming from and continue to support and participate in our projects. I can't do this alone and appreciate each and every one of YOU that step up and have no idea how much you all mean to me.

Love you all,

~~~ Robyne ~~~

So, I betcha' wondered what happened to all of those pillowcases, scarves and hats we made LAST year, right?

Sparks of Hope Update:

Stripes, checks and stars. Flowers, cowboys and cars!  Just some of the colorful and creative pillowcases that were delivered to Sparks of Hope this past November...just in time for their Winter Camp. I can only imagine the smiles on the faces of these very special kids as they got to choose "just the right pillowcase" for themselves.

I am once again, blown away of how generous YOU are when it comes to our projects. Once again, YOU came through for kids in a very special camp for survivors of abuse.  Are you ready to find out how many?  Drum roll please...

101 pillowcases!!

Loaves & Fishes Update:

Knitted, crochet and no-sew fleece scarves took over my kitchen island, along with hats, gloves and even socks! So many beautiful colors, patterns and was amazing!  Plenty of love went into making these treasures. Our local homeless folks were truly blessed by your caring hearts and generosity.

Sister Libby at Loaves and Fishes was so excited to receive these gifts of love.  She works with our homeless community, or as she calls them, "guests" on a daily basis and knows each one by name. Each person is treated with respect and dignity.

Oh, how many? 

191 scarves and 43 hats!

In front of Loaves & Fishes

So many beautiful scarves!
Creative and beautiful hats

Sister Libby and Robyne

So, now that you have been caught up on all things Craft 4 Change, look for our newest project real soon!  (hint: one of our favorites!)

God bless you all!

~~ Robyne

Saturday, October 10, 2015


It's hard to imagine that five years have passed since I took a leap of faith and launched Craft 4 Change.  I know, FIVE years!  So, without further ado...

As I take this day to celebrate and reflect on all that YOU, our loyal Craft 4 Change followers and crafters have done, it is with a humble heart that I thank you.  I thank YOU for your words of encouragement, your monetary or material donations and most of all, for your participation in helping change the lives of others. I could not do this without you and your generous hearts.  We all have busy lives, but you have taken the time (and money) to go above and beyond what I have asked of you. 
Baby blankets for The Birthing Project

In the last five years, you have provided 588 scarves, 55 hats and 19 head/earwarmers to families in need of winter warmth.  Children with cancer received 90 fun and fabulous pillowcases to help brighten their day. Our soldiers abroad were blessed with 95 cooling neck scarves and 25 handwritten "thank you" notes (from children). Christmas was made a little brighter for families in shelters with the 177 stockings you helped create. New mothers received 46 baby blankets, 15 nursing covers and 1 car seat cover, all created by you. Seniors that use walkers were given 28 walker bags to help them carry their things in. Kids in special shelters just for them, received over 80 fun and creative "superhero" capes. Girls attending prom got to choose from the 24 purses and 17 pieces of jewelry that you helped create. Children in foster care (living in a children's shelter) got to carry their belongings in the 56 large drawstring bags you made, instead of garbage bags. Veterans at our local hospital were remembered and cared for with the warmth of 25 lap blankets that were so lovingly made by you. And lastly, children that have been sexually abused are receiving love and worth in the 115 backpacks, 140 bean bags and 33 journals you have so lovingly and generously made.  Other items donated included: school supplies, personal hygiene products, pillowcases, Beanie Babies and even a pair of shoes for our girls attending prom!

This all adds up to helping over 1300 people!

Backpacks, journals and beanbags for Break the Cycle
THIS is what life is all about, helping those in need. Again, I thank you for your generous hearts.

Warm lap blankets for our Veterans in the hospital
Cooling neck scarves and "thank you" notes for our deployed soldiers
Walker bags for our seniors needing help
We have extended our region to other states and I look forward in seeing what the future holds for Craft 4 Change. YOU can help make a life at a time. 
Want to help?  We have two projects currently going can view them HERE!  Pillowcases for a children's camp and hats and scarves for our homeless community.

Friday, August 28, 2015

The time to craft has come!

Summer is almost over, and that means it is time to start our next projects!  As most of you have figured out, we love to end the year with a BANG!!!  That means, two projects at the same time!
Participate in one or the other, or BOTH!

Project 17:  "Sparks of Hope"

Our first project is for an organization located in Portland, Oregon...yes, we are headed north to help this very special group of children.  Here is a little about them:

*Established in 2011, Sparks of Hope is a 501c3 all-volunteer nonprofit organization that offers direct healing services to children and teens who have been impacted by abuse; assisting child survivors by walking alongside them in their healing journey to find their courage and their voice.  Based in Portland, Oregon, Sparks of Hope offers services statewide.  The plan for the future is to expand nationwide. Sparks of Hope's number one priority is to meet the needs of our most vulnerable youth in whatever capacity we can. Sparks of Hope believes that every child deserves to go to a safe, supportive, and fun camp.

It is through Sparks of Hope's Healing Youth Camps that these children can move from brokenness into wholeness, which encourages healing. It is a lifetime journey of healing for many abuse survivors.  Sparks of Hope Healing Youth Camps are centered on assisting the child/teen survivor to heal and reclaim their childhood, their power, and their voice.*

Upon arrival, each camper is given a Welcome Package that includes: New sleeping bag, pillow, pillow case, toiletries, flashlight and camp shirt or sweatshirt.

SO, our project will be making pillowcases for these campers.

HERE and HERE are fabulous tutorials...make it fun!  These camps are for both boys and girls, so find some colorful and fun fabrics to make them with. Help bring a "spark of hope" to these kids with a fun and fabulous new pillowcase.

DEADLINE:  November 1st

(This will give us time to ship them so they have them in time for their next camp, the first week in December.)


Project 18:  "Winter Warmth"

Our second project is one that we love to do every year...hats and scarves!  Since a lot of you love this project and continue to create beautiful things even in the summer, we are making it a fall tradition! 

This year they will go to Loaves & Fishes, located in Sacramento, CA. Here is a little about them:

**Without passing judgment, and in a spirit of love and hospitality, Loaves and Fishes feeds the hungry and shelters the homeless.  We provide an oasis of welcome, safety, and cleanliness for homeless men, women and children seeking survival services.

Founded in 1983, we are governed by a board of directors selected from Loaves & Fishes and from the community-at-large -- people who have demonstrated compassion and concern about the needs of the homeless and the indigent poor.

We recognize the dignity and the spiritual destiny of each person, and hope by our attitude of hospitality and love, to nourish not only the physical needs of those to come to Loaves & Fishes, but also their spiritual need for love, acceptance, respects and friendship.

We serve each person with the belief that "as often as you did it for one of my least brothers and sisters, you did it for me." (Matthew 25:40)**

Knit, crochet, sew and no-sew!  Any or all kinds are just what we are looking, women and children's are all needed.  Get creative, have fun!
DEADLINE:  December 1st
Let us know when you are finished with your projects and we will make arrangements to collect them.  You all ROCK!
~~ Robyne ~~
* Sparks of Hope website
** Loaves & Fishes Facebook page