Who are we?

Craft 4 Change is a community of people who love to craft and care about making a difference in the lives of others.

How do we do this?  Craft 4 Change provides handcrafted items to organizations that are providing a service to those in need.

What kinds of projects?  Items like blankets, scarves, hats, cards, jewelry, dolls, etc.  All items must be handcrafted or hand embellished and the possibilities are endless.

Why handcrafted?  Craft 4 Change understands that while it is much easier to buy something or to give money, we believe that people appreciate the time, love and care that goes into making something useful from the heart. 

Time is important and everyone deserves to be treated as if they are the most important person.

What kinds of charities?  Women's shelters, cancer patients, homeless shelters, children's  service organizations, etc.  Again, the list is endless.

Are the charities local or global?  Craft 4 Change is local to the Sacramento and San Joaquin areas, but we have recently expanded our reach to the state of Oregon. Who knows where we might go next.

What about deadlines?  Craft 4 Change will give you ample time to complete a project before moving on to the next one.  Most projects will be given a month or more to complete.

Where do I send my completed projects?  Craft 4 Change will supply you with a location to either mail or drop them off.  It will depend on each project and its coordinator.

How do I get involved?  Craft 4 Change will post all projects, charities, deadlines and contact information on the blog.  Just add your name to the "Comments" section or send us an email, then get crafting!  It is that easy!  You can also find us on Facebook!

Do you meet somewhere to work on projects?  No, the beauty of this is that each person can work on any given project on their own, at home.  No meetings, workshops, etc.  However, if you wish to get together with others to work on a project, by all means do so.  Have fun!

Can groups participate?  YES!  If you belong to any group of crafters, sewing guilds, knitting circles, scout troops, church groups, etc...you can participate.

Do I have to participate in all of the projects?  NO, just the ones you want to.  There is never any pressure to complete all projects or any certain number of items to make.  Just do what you can.

What kinds of crafters are you looking for?  YOU!  All kinds of crafters are encouraged to participate.  If you can you knit, sew, crochet, glue, cut, paste, etc...then you are in!