Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"A Case for Smiles" update!

Many of you were wanting to know the specific washing instructions for the pillowcases.  After contacting the ConKerr Cancer representative, here they are:

Please use a gentle type of soap with no dyes or perfumes and please NO dryer sheets!  The children who are receiving them have a very low immune system and their skin is very sensitive.  Thank you for your interest.

Also, please take pictures and email them to us before you package them up!  We'd like to post them.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"A Case for Smiles" -- Project 3

Time to get crafting!  For this project we will be working with ConKerr Cancer to help put smiles upon the faces of children battling life changing illnesses in the hospital, by providing bright and cheery handmade pillowcases for them. 

If you sew… please use bright/cheerful/beautiful COTTON fabric to make your pillowcases. 

If you knit, crochet or tat… please make a lace border or embellishment to add to an already new pillowcase.

If you embroider… please stitch up something sweet or inspiring on a new pillowcase.

If you do none of the above…you can use fabric pens/paints to write an uplifting message or draw a picture on the border of a new pillowcase (Please, not on the center as people with low immunity have very sensitive skin).

Please follow the ConKerr Cancer link for these instructions…they are VERY specific! 

Get creative!  These are for all kinds of kids...girls, boys, young children and teens!  Here are a few ideas.  Have fun with it!

Our pillowcases will be given to the Sacramento Chapter of ConKerr Cancer, who will deliver them to the children at Sutter Medical Center, UC Davis and Shriners Children's Hospitals

Deadline is April 30  Complete.

To let us know when you are finished, send us an email and we will let you know where to send or drop off your pillowcases.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March on!

March is "National Craft Month"...how appropriate for Craft 4 Change.  Our next project will be announced soon...very soon!  Keep checking back!