Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing all of our loyal crafters, followers and friends a very Merry Christmas.  May it be filled with happiness and love. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

More "Warm Hugs"

On Tuesday, we delivered all of the hats, scarves and ear warmers to Twin Lakes Food Bank.  Bags and bags of them filled the office and they were so happy to receive this gift from you, our loyal crafters.

Sue, one of our volunteers delivers 32 more scarves to Tammy Thompson, Director of Twin Lakes Food Bank

Well, apparently YOU weren't finished, as 32 more scarves were delivered today!  Wow!  We are just overjoyed with your generosity.  Thank you hardly seems enough for all you do.  We are humbled.

We will be taking a "crafting break" until after the new year...Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Warm Winter for Sure!

Wow!   Craft 4 Change volunteers never cease to amaze me!  YOU, again have outdone yourselves, by creating beautiful, fun scarves, hats and ear warmers for the families that use Twin Lakes Food Bank.  Just look at these pictures! 

Some scarves were crocheted and some made from fleece...fun, colorful and all beautiful!  How many?  95 scarves! 

Hats...fleece and crocheted ones too, 12 of them.  Ear warmers, all made from fleece with cute buttons...16 of those! 

They will be delivered to Twin Lakes Food Bank on Tuesday, just in time for Christmas.  I just know that they will be so surprised and happy with all of these "Warm Hugs". 

God Bless you all!  ~~Robyne~~

For more pictures, visit our FACEBOOK page!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Warm Hugs...and Headbands!

It seems like scarves are arriving almost daily here at Craft 4 Change, and we couldn't be happier!  Thank you so much...keep em' coming!  It won't be long now, and this project will be over.  So, we've extended it a few days just to accommodate some of your (ok...mine!) busy schedules. 

New deadline:  December 10th!

So, here is a new idea for those leftover smaller pieces of fleece:  Headband-Earwarmers!  They are perfect for the gal that doesn't wear a hat, but needs to keep those ears warm.  Check out THIS one.  And, HERE is another one that is similar, but doubled. 

We still need hats for the fellas'. 

Send us an email or comment on our Facebook page and we'll collect them from you. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Delivering "A Little Help"

Today was a wet, windy and rainy day...but that didn't stop Craft 4 Change from delivering 28 walker bags to our seniors at Sutter Senior Care in Sacramento.  That's right, YOU were generous once again, by providing colorful, practical and creative bags to give "a little help" to some seniors in need.  Thank you so much for your generosity with this project.  Bless you all.

Kathy (Activities Director) holding up one of the bags
28 Colorful walker bags ready for delivery

To see more pictures, visit our Facebook page. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Wishing all of you a wonderful day, filled with many blessings. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Project 9: "Warm Hugs"

We are going to try something that we've never done before!  Run two projects at the same time! 

We are currently working on Project 8: "A Little Help", by making walker bags for seniors.  That project ends on November 15th. HAS ENDED.   Please keep working on those, as we begin the next one.  Contact us by email or Facebook and we will make arrangements to collect them.  As soon as they are delivered, we will post pictures.  Thank you so much!

Now, about our next project:  Originally we weren't planning another project before the end of the year, but when we realized that our local food bank didn't just hand out food, but also provided warm clothes, blankets, hats and scarves during the colder months, well...we just couldn't ignore it. We know that you will feel the same way.

Troubled times can happen suddenly in anyone's life.  It's a fearful thing to go to your cupboard and not have enough food to offer to your hungry children.  That's where Twin Lakes Food Bank fills in the gap for hurting people during those times.  They have been serving the community for over 25 years by offering not only food, but clothing, shoes, coats, blankets and infant items year round.  

We want to help out with a few of those items, by providing warm hats and scarves.  Project 9: Warm Hugs", will do just that.  This is an easy no-sew project for anyone!  Crochet?  Perfect  Knit? Great!  Sew?  You can do that too!  NO SEW FLEECE is perfect for those of you who do none of these!  Just measure and cut...and you are good to go! 

Need ideas?   HERE are a few for crocheted hats, and HERE are some for fleece hats.   You can even purchase knit hats and embellish them (as to keep within our crafty-ness).

For scarf ideas, check out THIS web site. 

We need hats and scarves for men, women, teens and children.  So, get those creative minds and hands working and lets provide some "warm hugs" this winter. 

Deadline is December 5th.  DECEMBER 10th

Twin Lakes Food Bank served over 35,000 people last year, and approximately half of those were children.  They hold several special events each year that also serve people in need.  Easter dinners/baskets, Back to School backpacks (filled with supplies, socks, shoes, and nutritious breakfast items), Thanksgiving turkey dinners and Christmas baskets with dinner and gifts for children.  For more information about Twin Lakes, or other ways you can help, visit their web page.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You've been "blessed"

We want to congratulate our two winners, Roberta and Diana, who each won a "Blessed" necklace by Creative Carmella.  We hope you enjoy wearing them and feel as blessed as we do, here at Craft 4 Change. 

Stay tuned for updates on "A Little Help", as we continue to sew walker bags for our seniors.  We received a box of fabric in the mail...so that means, more walker bags!  Woo-hoo!  Thank you so much to our crafty-gal in the Eastern US.  (you know who you are!) 

There is still time to get involved with this project.  When you have your bags completed, either send us an email or leave a comment on this blog or Facebook page and we will make arrangements to get them. 

 Deadline is November 15th. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

We're turning two!

It was two years ago, on October 13, 2010 that we started this journey of making a difference in the lives of others.  We didn't know what to expect when we started, but the loyalty and participation of our crafters has been amazing!  We could not have done any of this without YOUR help!  Yes, you helped bless the lives of others, but we have been truly blessed.

In the year since our 1st birthday, you have provided 177 stockings to women and children living in transitional housing, 46 baby blankets for at risk and low income families, and most recently have created 56 drawstring bags for children living in an emergency shelter.  Project 8 is still underway, but we just know that you will be generous again.

So, with all of this celebrating going on, we thought it fitting to do a giveaway!  As a thank you for all of your support, we are giving away TWO of these "blessed" necklaces, created by one of my favorite bloggers, (and all around sweet gal) Carmella, the creative genius behind Creative Carmella

If you don't know who she is...well, you should!  So, hop on over to Creative Carmella and have a look.  And, while you are there, visit her shop.  She donates all of the proceeds from these necklaces to purchase coats for children in her area that can't afford one.  You can read all about it HERE.
Ok...so, let's get this contest going!  Two of you will each win one of these beautiful necklaces.  Just follow the instructions from the handy-dandy Rafflecopter.  Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Bag Patterns

It is hard to believe that it is fall already, as it has been crazy-hot here in California!  So, we guess it is a great time to stay INSIDE (with the air conditioner on) and sew walker bags for our senior friends.

In case you haven't decided on one yet, HERE is a link for one style, and HERE is one more!   Just let us know when you are finished and we'll collect them!  Happy sewing!

Don't forget to LIKE us on Facebook! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Beauty

We want to congratulate Linda Clemens on winning the handmade purse, in our 100 LIKES contest over on our Facebook page.  Thanks for entering and thanks for supporting Craft 4 Change.

Today is the first official day of Fall.  Even though it doesn't look like this where we are, one can truly enjoy its beauty.  It also reminds us to anticipate what is just around the corner for Craft 4 Change.  Have a wonderful day.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Hello crafty friends...just to let you in on a little know secret about Craft 4 Change.  Shhhh....it's only for Facebook Fans! 

Yep...head on over and LIKE our page and then enter a chance to win a handcrafted item by us!  We are celebrating having 100 people who LIKE us!   Contest is over in less than 9 hours.  9:00 PM (PST).  Good Luck!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project 8 update!

We need to make an update to the "A Little Help" project.  The deadline is actually, October 25th, not November 1st!  SO sorry for the change, but we made a "typo" when posting originally.

We were going to make Project 8 the last one for the year, but we had a request for one more project from our local food bank.  Our hearts went out to them, and we couldn't say "no".  November 1st will be the start for Project 9.

In the meantime, we hope your walker bags are progressing nicely.  We've been washing fabric like crazy and getting ready to start sewing soon!  Can't wait to get started.

Happy Crafting!

DEADLINE has been extended until NOVEMBER 15th!! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

"A Little Help" ~~ Project 8

How many of you have relatives, friends or neighbors that are seniors?  Chances are, we all do.  For many seniors the biggest challenge is being able to live independently or in a community setting without jeopardizing their own health or safety. 

There is one group that is helping make that possible for many older adults.  Sutter Senior Care PACE, is an all-inclusive care for the elderly.  This program is designed to provide quality health care management and support services that enable the frail elderly to remain in their homes.  There are two locations in Sacramento.

Most of their care is provided in their adult day care health centers, primary care clinics and the participant's home. 

Craft 4 Change visited one of the locations to see how we might make things a little easier for these seniors.  We discovered that there is something that we can do to help!  We can make walker bags for the participants to be able to carry their things in.  Project 8 is titled "A Little Help".  Because, sometimes that is all one needs, just a little help with carrying things. 

So, get out those sewing machines once again!  There are several patterns and tutorials online to choose from.  HERE are a few. Also, HERE is another style.  Simplicity has a great pattern, #2822 that we will be using for our bags.

You say that you don't sew?  There are a few ways you can still help: 
  • Donate fabric/materials to Craft 4 Change and we will make the bag for you.
  • Find a "sewing" friend and work as a team! 
  • Purchase a pre-made bag and embellish it with things like:  iron on's, appliques, trim, etc.
  • There are a few patterns HERE to crochet a bag.
  • Spread the news to your sewing friends...ask them to get involved.
  • LIKE US on Facebook. Help spread the word about Craft 4 Change
So, let's get started and provide "A Little Help" for our seniors. 

Deadline:  October 25th  EXTENDED until November 15th!!!! 

When you are finished with your bags or want to donate materials, contact us at Craft4Change@hotmail.com and we make arrangements to collect them. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Best Part...

56 bags ready for delivery
Is making the delivery of the handcrafted, made with love items YOU create!  This time you have really outdone yourselves.  We received 51 drawstring and 5 tote bags to give to the children staying at the Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento. 

Lots of colors, patterns and styles to choose from.  There are stars and stripes.  Animals from the jungle.  Tropical and camo patterns.  Pretty sure we saw Tinkerbell and a WWE wrestler in there! Pretty hearts, crazy dots.  We even saw some robots! 
A few school supplies, lotions and hair products were added too! 

Thank you so much for caring to make a difference in the life of a child.  ~~Blessings~~

Saturday, August 11, 2012

We're Recognized!

Hey Craft 4 Change people!  I wanted to let you know what an awesome job YOU are doing.  Shortly after our article in the local newspaper, I received this letter from our State Assembly Member, Dr. Richard Pan: 

Yes, it was addressed to me, but Craft 4 Change would not be successful if it weren't for YOU!  Great job everyone! 

Next post will be pictures of the bags you created for The Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento...stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Almost done!

Thanks to all of our crafty friends who participated in "A Bag of my Own".  It is now officially complete.  We just need to do a final count and take some pictures...stay tuned!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sneak Peek

This little monkey...

and a few of his friends...stopped by Craft 4 Change today.  They are waiting for more friends to join them before heading on their way to The Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento, where they will brighten up a child's day.

There is still time to make a difference in a child's life.  Won't YOU join us?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let's Make a Difference

Wanted to share with you, an article that was published in our local newspaper.  You can click on this link to view: http://folsomtelegraph.com/detail/213192.html

Thanks to Roberta and Debra for adding their thoughts and insight.  We couldn't do what we do without loyal crafters like you! 

There is still time to get involved...Deadline is August 1st.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nice work!

Thanks to one of our regular contributors for the adorable bags...

...and her "quality control inspector" for making sure that they are just right!  These are sure to put a smile on the face of a child. 

There is still plenty of time to participate.  If you have bags completed or want to donate pillowcases or fabric (and we will add the drawstring or sew) send us an email and we'll make arrangements to collect them.

Deadline is August 1st. COMPLETE

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

We at Craft 4 Change wish everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July celebration.  Freedeom isn't really free, someone paid the price.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"A Bag of my Own" ~~Project 7

Since tomorrow is the first day of summer, we thought what better way to beat the heat, than by staying inside and working on our next project. 
Every day, a child is neglected or abused and someone needs to step in and project and care for these children.  The Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento is doing just that.  Here is a little about them:

At the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento, we believe that every child deserves a safe place and every child has a life worth living.  We are dedicated to providing services to improve the safety, stability and well-being of children, their families and the community. By helping to take care of the needs of these children, you are investing in their future. Their journey to healing starts the moment they walk through our doors and continues throughout their lives.

Founded in 1944, the Children’s Receiving Home is an independent, non-profit organization positively impacting the lives of children, youth and families affected by abuse, neglect, behavioral health and trauma by providing a safe haven of comfort, hope and healing. Each year CRH provides emergency refuge to over 1,000 children in the shelter and Outpatient Mental Health program. In addition to 24-hour residential and shelter care, CRH provides comprehensive assessments, medical assistance, counseling and social-work services, on-site and community based mental health programs, an independent living program for emancipating youth (ILP), a pilot program called Residentially Based Services (RBS) that focuses on reuniting youth and families, a multi grade on-site public school, activities, recreation and a child/family visitation center.

Children in our program are assisted by peer and adult systems of support that challenge them to make the most of their talents, foster their aspirations and develop their capacity to assume ever-greater responsibility for the direction of their own lives. There is no other program like this in our community. The impact we make in the lives of the children we serve is only made possible through the generosity of the community.*

A lot of these children arrive with only a trash bag to carry their belongings in.  Trash bags!  One can only imagine what must be going through their minds.

 We, at Craft 4 Change want to make their transition a little bit brighter.  So, for this project we will be making LARGE drawstring or backpack style bags for them use while staying at the shelter, moving on to foster care or returning home.

Here are the requirements:

Size:  20 x 30 inches or larger (the size of a standard pillowcase)

Fabric:  Cotton, denim, broadcloth or stronger. (they get a lot of use)  They should be lined, if using a thin material.  Fun, colorful prints are best...all ages, boys and girls!  (ages range from 1 to 17)

Drawstring that can hold up to a lot of use!

Here is a link with several ways to make them. (just increase the size to at least 20 x 30 inches)  Also,
 here is one on how to convert a standard pillowcase into a drawstring bag. 

Backpack style here. (for the construction only, please make them at least 20 x 30)

OK...those of you that don't sew:  YOU CAN HELP!  Purchase a new kid-friendly pillowcase and find someone here at Craft 4 Change to add a drawstring!   Email us at Craft4change@hotmail.com and we will do just that.  How easy!

And, those of you who want to add a "little something extra",  you could include a coloring book/crayons, pillowcase, or small stuffed toy to your bag.  Get creative...have fun!

Deadline:  August 1st COMPLETED

* Information provided by The Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento

Friday, June 15, 2012

While you are waiting...

Enjoy a collage of pictures from our last project, "Welcome Little One".  We had so many pictures of your beautiful handiwork and the Assistance League Tea, that we decided to wait a little bit before posting more of them. 
Our next project will be announced SOON!  Get ready!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer break

Hello crafters...just to remind you that we will be taking a break until the end of the month.  Hope you are enjoying your warm, summer days.  ~~Robyne~~

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thanks for your service

Take time to remember our veterans and our soldiers currently serving in the military.  Without their sacrifice, our country couldn't really be free.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

For the Love of Blankets

Audrey Blake and Sue Charles (Assistance League), Wendy Petko (The Birthing Project), Carol Bly and Robyne Cortes (Craft 4 Change) holding up some of the 46 baby blankets dontated to The Birthing Project, Sacramento.
Recently, Craft 4 Change was honored to attend the Assistance League Volunteer Tea, along with other volunteer groups in the area.  There were representatives from various charities, senior living apartments, knitting groups, and sewing guilds in addition to us. 

Various projects were displayed, pictures taken and lots of goodies to eat.  We were treated to a concert by a local school choir, lots of thank yous, and an informative presentation by Wendy Petko of The Birthing Project.  She gave us an overview of her organization along with a slide show.  Craft 4 Change presented the 46 baby blankets to Wendy, who had no idea that this was going to happen.  It was a wonderful feeling and very heartwarming to see her face when we told her that the blankets that we brought were for her organization.  She was so surprised!

This couldn't have happened without YOU, our loyal and generous crafters.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

We will be taking a break for a month or two, but will be back "changing lives" again soon.  Until then, keep following us on Facebook.

Blessings ~~ Robyne

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Welcome Little One" ~~ Update

We have elephants, monkeys and frogs...oh my!  Even the princesses and pirates stopped by!  Pink, purple, blue and green.  Every color of the rainbow can be seen!

So, what does this silly rhyme mean?  It's a brief description of the prints and colors of the baby blankets YOU created for The Birthing Project.  That's right...you generously sewed and crochet 46 beautiful and creative blankets to be given to women and their new babies in Sacramento.

Some were crochet
Bright and colorful fleece

Flannel quilt with a note to the mother and child

Flannel for a boy or girl

Once again, your generosity warms our hearts...you are changing the world, one life at a time.

For more pictures, visit us on Facebook!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Whole Lotta' Love!

Blankets are arriving almost daily!  We will be counting and taking pictures real soon...stay tuned!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blanket Love

Thanks to those of you who have finished your blankets and deliverd them to us.  For those of you that are not done...NO WORRIES!  We have extended the deadline until April 1st. (and that is no April fool joke!).

Send us an email, post a comment on our Facebook page or leave a comment on our blog and we will contact you to collect them.

Project completed.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Warm Blankets...coming soon!

There is still time to participate in our current project!  Deadline is March 20th!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Welcome Little One" ~~ Project 6

Welcome back to our loyal readers and crafters.  It's time to get started on making a difference in the lives of others once again.  We hope you enjoyed your holiday break and are refreshed and ready for a new project. 

This time we are partnering with The Sacramento Assistance League,  by helping with one of their many philanthropic endeavors, "The Birthing Project".  This (birthing) project is part of a program provided by the Center for Community Health and Well Being, Inc., located in Sacramento, which helps at-risk and low income women.

The Center for Community Health and Well-Being, Inc.’s mission "is to improve the health and well-being of our Sacramento community and assure our families and children the best environment in which to grow and thrive."   The Center was founded in 1988 by Kathryn Hall-Trujilllo, M.P.H. as The Birthing Project, an all volunteer, community service project to lower Infant Mortality in Sacramento. They help families with both pre-natal and post-natal care, parenting classes and referrals if needed to get them off to a healthy start.

One thing they like to do, is to give each new mother and baby a handmade blanket when they leave the hospital.

We, at Craft 4 Change would like to help them out by creating those baby blankets.  They can be sewn, knit, crochet, quilted, or no-sew fleece.  The only requirement is, that they be approximately 36" x 36" in size. 

There are lots of ideas HERE.  Also, HERE is a good tutorial for a 2-sided flannel one (very easy).  Or, use your creativity and come up with your own style or pattern.  Have fun! 

Deadline is March 20th...the first day of Spring! COMPLETED

Let us know via email, Facebook or comment when you are finished and we'll make arrangements to collect them.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Year...new projects!

While you are waiting for us to announce the next project (we are working out the details), take time to pat yourselves on the back for your accomplishments thus far.  YOU have helped so many people in the local Sacramento area.  Men, women, and children have all benefited from your generosity and dedication to Craft 4 Change...again, thank you!

So?  Who would YOU like to help in the future?  Do you know of any local organizations that we could help?  What kinds of projects would YOU like to see? 

Send us an email, leave a comment on this blog or "LIKE" us on Facebook and leave a comment there.  We will consider any and all suggestions. 

Until then...sit tight!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflections of 2011

We at Craft 4 Change want to wish all of our loyal readers and crafters the very best that 2012 has to bring.  We can't thank you enough for your continued support and commitment to serving those less fortunate.

It has been a year of challenges and growth, but also many blessings.  Challenges in getting the word out, growth in the number of readers (worldwide!) and Facebook fans, and blessings beyond words as we deliver the finished items to the organizations we serve. To see the smiles on faces as we hand over the creative things YOU make is by far the biggest blessing of all.

We look forward to what 2012 has to bring us in continuing to help others. 

We will be taking a break until February in order to bring you the "crafting rest" you all deserve.  God bless you all.

Until then, please continue to follow us on Facebook and let us know if you have any organizations you would like us to consider serving.  ~~Robyne~~