Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One "Kindness" Day!

Wednesday, July 31st!

Good morning crafters!
I bet you all are so disappointed to have our latest project come to an end.  I am too, BUT, I have something to share that can keep the excitement of doing things for others going.  I was going through my news feed on Facebook yesterday and came across "Noah's Kindness Project".  I am always curious, so I read it and I immediately became attached to it.  My heart ached for this family.  This family lost their 4 month old son, Noah, way too early. I have never experienced such a loss, but I have family and friends who have.  I can honestly say, I do not know how they find the light in the darkness, but they do.  I find them inspiring and I can only hope that should something so devastating happen to me, I can look towards these strong families and do as they have done.  I can say that strength in numbers is a powerful thing and having family, friends and even strangers bond over something so delicate spreads a strong message.

It is this message, that I would like to share with you. Wondering what it is?  "Practice random acts of kindness". I LOVE this powerful message.  I participated in a "Pay it forward" activity a while back, and I am STILL enjoying it.  It is such a wonderful feeling to brighten someone else's day whether they know about this little act or not. Too many times, it is easy to keep going and to stress over our own every day problems; I know I am guilty of that.  But, for one day, Wednesday July 31st, we can all share something with others and set aside our own problems while helping someone else with theirs.  There are SO MANY WAYS to help too.  When you buy a coffee for yourself, buy coffee for the person behind you. Offer to help someone with their groceries from the store to their car. Take a friend out to lunch or take a friend's child to the park with yours. Craft something for fun, make two and donate one to a place of your choice. I promise it's as easy as you want it to be and  the possibilities are endless!

Would you like to know more about Noah, and the inspiration behind this "Kindness" Day?  Go Here:
                       Noah's Kindness Project
Not only are there more ideas and ways to share random acts of kindness, but there is a link to the MISS Foundation, an organization for grieving parents.  And remember, you don't have to limit yourself to just Wednesday July 31st, you can make any day a "Random Acts" day!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Continuing to care...

While we are all working on our latest project, "Don't Cover Up", some of YOU are still making beautiful and creative journals for Break the Cycle to add to their comfort packs.  We were able to deliver 18 more journals today...THANK YOU for your continued kindness and support. ~~Robyne~~