Saturday, October 10, 2015


It's hard to imagine that five years have passed since I took a leap of faith and launched Craft 4 Change.  I know, FIVE years!  So, without further ado...

As I take this day to celebrate and reflect on all that YOU, our loyal Craft 4 Change followers and crafters have done, it is with a humble heart that I thank you.  I thank YOU for your words of encouragement, your monetary or material donations and most of all, for your participation in helping change the lives of others. I could not do this without you and your generous hearts.  We all have busy lives, but you have taken the time (and money) to go above and beyond what I have asked of you. 
Baby blankets for The Birthing Project

In the last five years, you have provided 588 scarves, 55 hats and 19 head/earwarmers to families in need of winter warmth.  Children with cancer received 90 fun and fabulous pillowcases to help brighten their day. Our soldiers abroad were blessed with 95 cooling neck scarves and 25 handwritten "thank you" notes (from children). Christmas was made a little brighter for families in shelters with the 177 stockings you helped create. New mothers received 46 baby blankets, 15 nursing covers and 1 car seat cover, all created by you. Seniors that use walkers were given 28 walker bags to help them carry their things in. Kids in special shelters just for them, received over 80 fun and creative "superhero" capes. Girls attending prom got to choose from the 24 purses and 17 pieces of jewelry that you helped create. Children in foster care (living in a children's shelter) got to carry their belongings in the 56 large drawstring bags you made, instead of garbage bags. Veterans at our local hospital were remembered and cared for with the warmth of 25 lap blankets that were so lovingly made by you. And lastly, children that have been sexually abused are receiving love and worth in the 115 backpacks, 140 bean bags and 33 journals you have so lovingly and generously made.  Other items donated included: school supplies, personal hygiene products, pillowcases, Beanie Babies and even a pair of shoes for our girls attending prom!

This all adds up to helping over 1300 people!

Backpacks, journals and beanbags for Break the Cycle
THIS is what life is all about, helping those in need. Again, I thank you for your generous hearts.

Warm lap blankets for our Veterans in the hospital
Cooling neck scarves and "thank you" notes for our deployed soldiers
Walker bags for our seniors needing help
We have extended our region to other states and I look forward in seeing what the future holds for Craft 4 Change. YOU can help make a life at a time. 
Want to help?  We have two projects currently going can view them HERE!  Pillowcases for a children's camp and hats and scarves for our homeless community.