Monday, February 27, 2012

Warm Blankets...coming soon!

There is still time to participate in our current project!  Deadline is March 20th!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Welcome Little One" ~~ Project 6

Welcome back to our loyal readers and crafters.  It's time to get started on making a difference in the lives of others once again.  We hope you enjoyed your holiday break and are refreshed and ready for a new project. 

This time we are partnering with The Sacramento Assistance League,  by helping with one of their many philanthropic endeavors, "The Birthing Project".  This (birthing) project is part of a program provided by the Center for Community Health and Well Being, Inc., located in Sacramento, which helps at-risk and low income women.

The Center for Community Health and Well-Being, Inc.’s mission "is to improve the health and well-being of our Sacramento community and assure our families and children the best environment in which to grow and thrive."   The Center was founded in 1988 by Kathryn Hall-Trujilllo, M.P.H. as The Birthing Project, an all volunteer, community service project to lower Infant Mortality in Sacramento. They help families with both pre-natal and post-natal care, parenting classes and referrals if needed to get them off to a healthy start.

One thing they like to do, is to give each new mother and baby a handmade blanket when they leave the hospital.

We, at Craft 4 Change would like to help them out by creating those baby blankets.  They can be sewn, knit, crochet, quilted, or no-sew fleece.  The only requirement is, that they be approximately 36" x 36" in size. 

There are lots of ideas HERE.  Also, HERE is a good tutorial for a 2-sided flannel one (very easy).  Or, use your creativity and come up with your own style or pattern.  Have fun! 

Deadline is March 20th...the first day of Spring! COMPLETED

Let us know via email, Facebook or comment when you are finished and we'll make arrangements to collect them.