Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Time to craft!

As we move towards the cooler temperatures (really? it doesn't feel like it!), it's time to start our next projects...YES, projects!  As in two of them at the same time!  Call us crazy motivated, but we think that YOU can help us do it, as you have shown your compassion and dedication in the past.  Are you ready?  Let's get to it!

Project 12: "Thank You for Serving" ~~ Lap blankets for hospitalized and disabled veterans. 

As we approach  the Veterans Day (November 11th) holiday, we are reminded of just how much our veterans have given to insure our freedoms here in the United States.  They have served willingly and diligently, whether here or abroad, sacrificing more than we can even imagine.  Often times, they have been wounded and return home to heal. At other times, they are living civilian lives and need hospitalization for one reason or another.

We wanted to show our appreciation for all they have done, so we are partnering with the Northern California Veterans Medical Center in Sacramento (Mather Hospital) by providing lap blankets to those staying at the facility.  This facility provides, not only health services but also meets the many other needs of our veterans.  If you, or anyone you know needs information on all of their services, please visit their website.
Blankets are approximately 3' x 3' or 3' x 4' and can be crocheted, knitted, sewn, quilted or no-sew fleece.  HERE are a couple of ideas and links.  Be creative, have fun with it!  (It might be fun to make them Red, White and Blue!)   Don't forget to check out  Pinterest.  LOTS of ideas there!

Project 13: "Stay Safe, Keep Warm" ~~ Scarves and hats for homeless youth.

Again, with winter approaching, we are reminded of kids that live on the streets, with no place to call home.  Temperatures dip into the low 30's at night in our area and many of these kids need to keep warm. Thankfully, there is a place that can help them.  WIND Youth Services of Sacramento, is a homeless shelter for teens and kids living on the streets.  It is hard to believe but circumstances sometimes put them out of their homes and onto the streets to fend for themselves.  They are too young and aren't safe in the adult shelters or in camps along the rivers and WIND is there to help.

WIND's Mission is:  "Our mission is to engage youth experiencing homelessness who need safety from the streets and access to resources to help them move from crisis to healthy functioning and independence."

We want to help by making scarves and hats (yes, some of you asked and are already making them!) to keep them a little warmer during these colder times.

We know that you probably have your favorite way of creating them, but HERE, HERE and HERE are a few ideas and links, just in case.  They can be sewn, crocheted, knitted and of course...fleece NO-SEW! 

Remember:  these are for kids and teens, so make them fun, colorful and HIP! 

Don't forget!  We have yarn and fabric at Craft 4 Change Headquarters if you need us and we'll get it to you.

Choose one of the projects or choose BOTH! 

Ok, let's get to creating...deadline is December 1st.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Don't 'cover up' " Update

Can I just start with a WOW!! and a huge THANK YOU!!

The first project within San Joaquin County was a great success. We were able to donate 15 nursing covers and 1 car seat cover, with still more coming in!  We are truly one helpful organization, but only through the generosity and craftiness from YOU, our crafters, who make this all possible.

*Anna with Delta Health Care on the left and I, Erika on the right.

All of you donated your time and energy to create these lovely covers and they turned out amazing! These covers will become part of a monthly raffle to support new moms in the community.  What a great way to encourage new mothers to breastfeed their children and connect with other new moms through the mommy groups at Delta Health Care.  We will have some lucky new families out their showing off your skills!

Thank you to all of our crafters, we TRULY could not have done it without all of you!!