Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Making Dreams Come True" -- Project 2

Do you remember your High School Prom or Homecoming?  Remember how special it was?  Well, for many girls it is only a dream, as their family cannot afford the dress, shoes, & accessories that they need for this special event.  So, many girls sit home and only dream.

We want to help make this dream come true. 

For this project, Craft 4 Change has teamed up with "Cinderella's Closet".  It is an ongoing project by WEAVE  that collects and provides "gently used" prom dresses, shoes and accessories to girls in need.  But, right now the closet is low on accessories.  This is where we come in.

They are in need of purses, costume jewelry, shawls and evening gloves.  So, get out those sewing machines, jewelry making supplies, or glue guns and start crafting! 

Purse ideas can be found here, here, here and lots of ideas here.  Check out your local fabric store for patterns too.
Shawl instructions are here.
Lot's of jewelry ideas here and here.  Also, here! 

You don't sew or make jewelry?  You still want to help?  Do you have any "gently used" evening bags or gloves?  EMBELLISH them!  Glue or hand sew on rhinestones, beaded or fur trim, etc.  Just remember not to purchase anything new...hit up those thrift stores for some great buys and add your own personal touches.

Remember, these are TEEN girls, so think classy but HIP!

Deadline is February 10th.  PROJECT COMPELETED.

Send us an email when you are finished and we will make arrangements to collect them.  Have fun!

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