Monday, December 17, 2012

A Warm Winter for Sure!

Wow!   Craft 4 Change volunteers never cease to amaze me!  YOU, again have outdone yourselves, by creating beautiful, fun scarves, hats and ear warmers for the families that use Twin Lakes Food Bank.  Just look at these pictures! 

Some scarves were crocheted and some made from, colorful and all beautiful!  How many?  95 scarves! 

Hats...fleece and crocheted ones too, 12 of them.  Ear warmers, all made from fleece with cute buttons...16 of those! 

They will be delivered to Twin Lakes Food Bank on Tuesday, just in time for Christmas.  I just know that they will be so surprised and happy with all of these "Warm Hugs". 

God Bless you all!  ~~Robyne~~

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  1. amazing! they are all so beautiful and I know they will be appreciated. thank you for all you do!


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