Monday, August 29, 2016

Spread the Love! Project 19

Even though it is still warm and sunny outside, winter will creep up before we know it.  Those of you who participate regularly know that it is time to get out those crochet hooks, knitting needles, sewing machines and scissors!  Our annual project guessed it:


I know that many of you love this project and have heard rumor, that some of you even work on them year round. It seems like it doesn't matter how many times we do this, the need is still there. This time we will be giving them to two organizations, one for kids and one for homeless families.

Our first group of people we are helping are KIDS, and you know I have a H U G E heart for them, especially those in terrible situations, like abuse or neglect. So, we are going north again to the state of Oregon and partner with the Child Welfare Program, by providing hats and scarves (also, gloves and mittens if you are able) to these kids for their Christmas Celebration.

The agencies (Child Welfare Program) job is to assess children's safety when allegations of abuse and neglect are brought to their attention from the community. There are times when children are not able to safely stay at home. Each year the office puts together a holiday celebration for the youth in foster care so they have an opportunity to celebrate with family. 

We were contacted by Sarah, who works for the State of Oregon and volunteers at Sparks of Hope...I couldn't say no.


The second group of people to receive our labors of love are the homeless families that utilize the Twin Lakes Food Bank, in Folsom, CA.  We have done this for Twin Lakes before, but this time they will be set aside for our homeless folks (another population I have a HUGE heart for). Since I will be taking the lead on their homeless outreach, I may get to give them out personally.

So...let's get started!

Scarves can be any type, crochet, knit, no-sew fleece, sewn, anything!  Kids, men and women are all in need, so get creative and have fun with this.

When you are finished, please send us an email, leave a message on our Facebook page or contact me directly and I will make arrangements to collect them. Thank you so much. ~~Robyne

Deadline:  November 10th.

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