Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Giving Tuesday: Week 5

It's Tuesday..."Giving Tuesday" to be exact!  So, what do:  smiling at 10 strangers, holding the door for someone, mentoring an at-risk child or teen, letting someone go ahead of you in line and paying for the person behind you in a fast-food line, have in common?  They are all "Random Acts of Kindness".  And, since February 11-17th is "National Random Acts of Kindness Week",

We give you:

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

as this week's honoree in our "Giving Tuesday" feature!  Did you know that they actually have a website and a Facebook page?  Yep...check them out HERE.  They have all sorts of ideas for you to make a difference in some one's life, no matter how small.  And, since we at Craft 4 Change are all about making a difference, we kinda' LIKE  LOVE THEM! 

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