Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Giving Tuesday" : Week 7

As we continue to move forward with our latest project for abused children, are hearts are heavy for those mothers who have lost their children before they were even born or shortly thereafter.  We can't even imagine what these families are going through.  But, there is one group of dedicated people who are trying to help the pain a little, by providing (at no cost) heart shaped pillows, filled with pellets the exact weight of the child.  This week we want to feature:

A Heart to Hold

What started with one family's loss has turned into an amazing group of people who are giving back in such a way that it melts our hearts.  They are located in the Sacramento area and are always looking for volunteers to sew, fill and ship these hearts.  But, their main need right now, is funds.  Funds to continue to ship these weighted hearts.  Each heart shipment costs the organization about $25 and they have very little fundraising right now.

So, please check out their page HERE.  Also, on our Facebook page you will see them listed under our LIKES...pay them a visit! 

Oh, and this just might be a future project for us! 

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