Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I am humbled...

"Ask, and you shall receive"...and boy did we!  When we decided to take on not one, but two projects for the end of 2013, I began to think that maybe, just maybe I had asked a bit too much of you.  But again, your generosity has amazed me!

For Project 12: "Thank You for Serving", we asked you to make lap blankets for our veterans.  A total of 20 beautiful red, white and blue quilted, colorful fleece, and crocheted afghans were lovingly hand made by you, our loyal crafting community. They were delivered to our veterans hospital and appreciated by everyone I came in contact with that day . It was quite a humbling experience, to say the least.

Here's my post to our Facebook page: 
What a humbling day it has I was to deliver the blankets for our veterans at Mather VA Hospital, I had been instructed on where to make the delivery. It was behind the hospital in a portable building. I was to find the lot close to where I was to drop them off. BUT, there was no parking, so I had to park across a small street in another lot and walk a little bit.

Feeling a little b
it perturbed, I unloaded my car with the four bags of blankets and started my short walk across the lot, street and then the original lot that I was trying to park in.

I was stopped by two different sets of people, asking me if I was donating blankets for our, YES! The first couple I met was a man (who was a veteran) and a woman who both thanked me for what I was doing. **GULP** "You are welcome", came out of my mouth, and "thank YOU", quietly followed. The next people were just as curious, asking, "Are you donating those blankets for our wounded?". I explained that they were to be used at the hospital, by handing them out to patients on the "comfort cart". Well, next thing I knew the lady told me that she had 6 quilted blankets and wanted to know if I knew of a group that would send them to our active soldiers...of course I do! I gave her my card and she said that she would be in contact with me.

WOW! Had I not had to walk a few extra feet, I would have NEVER come across these people, who were so kind and, I think I'll count my blessings now, after I eat a large piece of HUMBLE PIE! be continued in the next post!
~~ Robyne ~~

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