Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I am humbled...Part 2

Where did January go?  I apologize for not updating  you sooner, but seriously...January flew by!  Ok, here are the results YOU wanted to hear! 

Drum roll please........

YOU generously and lovingly created 186 scarves for homeless teens (some of which we shared with needy families at Twin Lakes Food Bank), 37 hats (some were shared with children in Mexico) and 20 blankets for our veterans.  Well done, well done!

Just a few pictures of the beautiful and colorful hats and scarves!  You can view more pictures on our Facebook Page.
Again, I am truly humbled by your continued support and generosity.  You are making a difference...one life at a time!
Stay tuned, as Erika is working on our next project...should be a fun one!
~~ Robyne ~~


  1. What a wonderful idea. I hope it spreads and becomes really popular, I will keep a look out for what I can help with x

    1. Thank you Emma for your kind words. It does our hearts good to be able to help others. You can keep up on our projects on this blog or our Facebook page. ~~Robyne~~


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