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Project 14: Come "fly" with me!

Hello crafters!!!
I am positive that you all are anxiously awaiting our latest project and I cannot be more excited to FINALLY share it with you!!!  I could try to drag it out and build the anticipation but I won't.  It has already take so long to get this one going that I will just tell you.....


BOOM!!!      POW!!!!           POP!!!!       SNAP!!!


I came across this wonderful idea while pinning my heart out on pinterest (yes, I am COMPLETELY addicted, but what true crafter isn't?) and when I saw them, I KNEW that THIS was my next project!!  I was thrilled! But who knew that finding a donation receiver would be the hardest part.  This was truly the most difficult part of this journey. Many unreturned phone calls or places that just did not feel that this project was something they could connect with.  Well, all things are answered in due time right?  This trying path led me to a wonderful organization who can, not only, use these items but will most likely be the recipients for future projects as well.  Want to know who?

Children's Crisis Center!!

Children's Crisis Center has a short but extremely powerful mission: " to provide child abuse prevention, intervention and shelter services to the abused, neglected and high risk children in Stanislaus County."  (Children's Crisis Center, Mission statement)

Did you know??

  • There are over 3 million cases of child abuse reported in the United States each year.
  • Children in America ages birth to 4 years old are at the greatest risk of suffering severe injury or death due to abuse or neglect.
  • California's foster youth population is the largest in all 50 states. There are approximately 82,000 foster children in California which is 20% of all foster children nationwide.
  • Abuse can happen in any family, regardless of age, race, income, religious affiliations, or educational background.
  • Intervention programs offering help can positively impact a family at risk and are important in preventing child abuse.
  • The Crisis Center served over 4,200 families, comprising more than 7,200 children last year alone.
  • Approximately 135 children receive respite shelter services daily through the five shelters at the Crisis Center.
  • 80% of the children who utilized services at the Crisis Center are under five years old.
  • The Crisis Center provides nurturing, homelike environments, offering proper nutrition, security, encouragement and growth opportunities that develop trust, promote higher self-esteem, and foster positive behaviors and attitudes for children who receive services.
-(Facts Sheet,

It was extremely difficult to list only a FEW of the facts regarding abuse, prevention, statistics and the work that Children's Crisis Center does.  I strongly encourage you to check out their webpage. 

It is chalked FULL of information on child abuse and prevention and even if you are not part of Stanislaus county, I am sure they could point you to help in a different county should you or someone you know, require their assistance.

How does this connect with our project? Well, as a child I remember things like playing with toys, engaging with friends, make believe! Oh the fun we would have! Can you remember?  Maybe things were wonderful and perfect, maybe things were not so "rose colored".  For these families, life is tough.  Things may be happening that are out of their control.  Maybe they wish someone would come and "save the day". Superman could fly in and take them away.  Captain America could protect them from less happy things. The list is endless to a child with an imagination.  Imaginative play can be educational and therapeutic.  In fact, here just a few articles that discuss the benefits of dramatic/imaginative play.  (on a complete side note, who knew that ebay had informative articles??)

So this is where the capes come in.  Let's be the ones to help inspire some creative play.  I would love to see us rekindle our inner child and make some creative, inspiring capes.  Listed below are a few sites to help get that imagination going.  There are patterns and ideas for a few sew and no sew capes with super hero themes.  Traditional and non-traditional, the sky is the limit!

Websites to help with capes:  - This website has patterns for logos if you want to make the more traditional capes.  I encourage you to also use your creativity and make your own super hero logos!  -  This one is a no sew version using t-shirts.  You can sew if you want to, but you don't have to with this one.   -  This one can also be a no sew, but has ideas if you are looking to venture from the traditional superhero ideas.

The deadline for this project is June 1st!!! 

Let's get started!!  


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